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CRIB Board of Advisors

About CRIB

CRIB Pte Ltd
is a Singapore-based social enterprise which aims to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs through networking, matchmaking and business incubation. As a social impact business, we endeavor to reinvest all returns towards CRIB operations, with a portion of finances channeled towards complementary social causes that benefit women entrepreneurs.

CRIB advisor - GraceMinister Grace Fu

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth
Ms Grace Fu graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and later obtained a Masters of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. She began her career in 1985 with the Overseas Union Bank and later with the Haw Par Group in the areas of corporate planning, financial controls and business development.

Ms Fu joined the PSA Corporation in 1995 and took on different responsibilities in finance and marketing. She held the position of Chief Executive Officer, PSA South EastAsia and Japan, where she was responsible for the business performance of PSA’s flagship terminals in Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Japan, before she joined politics.

Ms Grace Fu graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and later obtained a Masters of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. She began her career in 1985 with the Overseas Union Bank and later with the Haw Par Group in the areas of corporate planning, financial controls and business development.

CRIB entrepreneur - ElimMs Elim Chew, PBM

Founder & President,
77th Street (S) Pte Ltd
Kingdom Investment Consultant

Ms Elim Chew is the Founder and President of 77th Street, the leading youth and young adults streetwear fashion and accessories retailer in Singapore and Beijing. She also sits on over 20 boards and committees of public service, youth and community organizations such as *SCAPE, School of The Arts, and Action Community for Entrepreneurship.

Ms Chew is humbled to be recognized with awards such as the Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2001, Montblanc Businesswoman of the Year 2002, Young Woman Achiever 2003, Singapore Promising Brand Award 2004, Forbes Asia Hero of Philanthropy, Responsible Leadership Award and Community Engagement Award in 2010, Outstanding Young Singaporean Award – Commendation, and the Singapore Public Service Medal (PBM) in 2011.

CRIB advisor - ClaireMs Claire Chiang, BBM

Senior Vice President,
Banyan Tree Holdings Limited

Ms Claire Chiang co-founded the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts and pioneered the group’s retail business in 1996, which has since grown to over 60 outlets worldwide. She currently serves as the Chairperson for China Business Development, Advisor on Human Capital Development, and the Chairperson of Banyan Tree Global Foundation, the sustainability arm of Banyan Tree Holdings.

Ms Chiang jointly received the 2009 Hospitality Lifetime Achievement Award at the China Hotel Investment Summit, honouring a lifetime of extraordinary leadership, accomplishments and contributions to the hospitality industry.

CRIB advisor - JennyMs Jennie Chua, PJG

Ms Jenny Chua is a Board Director of GuocoLand Limited, GuocoLeisure Limited and Far East Orchard Limited, as well as ISS A/S, a company listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. She is the Chairman of Alexandra Health System and Singapore Film Commission, the Deputy Chairman of Temasek Foundation, Member of CapitaLand Hope Foundation Board and Singapore’s Pro-Enterprise Panel. She is also a Board Director of Ministry of Health Holdings and sits on MOH Holdings Healthcare Infrastructure and Planning Committee.

Ms Chua is a Justice of the Peace and Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to The United Mexican States. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and has been closely associated with the hospitality, tourism and property industry for over three decades, serving as Director of the Singapore Convention Bureau, General Manager and Chairman of Raffles Hotel and Raffles International, President and CEO of Raffles Holdings and The Ascott Group, and COO of CapitaLand Limited. She also previously chaired Community Chest, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (the first and only woman to-date in its 177 years history), Sentosa Cove, and The Arts House.

CRIB advisor - LauraMs Laura Hwang, PBM

Ms Laura Hwang is the first Singaporean and woman to head an international financial company in Singapore, making her a role model for many younger women to enter the industry.  She has been recognised for her leadership in both the financial and community service sectors for her strong strategic, business and leadership abilities. Her 17-year banking career involved responsibilities such as Corporate Banking, Foreign Exchange, Asset Management and Private Banking in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. She was appointed to the boards of the Bank’s financial arms in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Ms Hwang was the President of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations from 2010-2014, leading the Co-ordinating Council for 57 organisations with a combined outreach of over 700,000. She is also co-chair of BoardAgender and served as the Director of the ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organisations till July 2014.

CRIB advisor - LilyDr Lily Neo, MBBChBAO

Member of Parliament,
Tanjong Pagar GRC

Dr Lily Neo, a medical practitioner, was first elected in 1997 as Member of Parliament for Kreta Ayer-Tanglin GRC and has been re-elected in the next three General Elections for Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar GRCs. She has served as Chairman of GPCs as well as Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar Town Councils.

Dr Neo, always mindful of the needs of her residents, reaches out and assists them through her regular house-visits and weekly “meet-the-people” sessions. She shows concern for the women, children, elderly and needy and has spoken out in Parliament on matters of government that affect their well-being. Of the many topics that included Adjournment and Private Member’s Motions she raised in Parliament, the most significant are those that pertain to concerns of women, welfare of the young and elderly, plight of the needy and the direction for our education and healthcare systems.

Dr Neo is a medical doctor who graduated from Dublin, Ireland. She still runs her own medical clinics. She is married to a doctor and they have a daughter and a son. Both her children are doctors with the Ministry of Health Holdings.

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Mothers Support Group Singapore: Meet Our Committee

Sasha Harrison

Vanessa Contumelias

Ashley Ragno
Membership Secretary

Kirsten Farrelly

Kiran Bawalli
Social Media Coordinator

Amy Fender
Website & Communications

Hannah Masford
Newsletter Editor

Sophie March
Socials coordinator

Khalisah Ward
Baby & Bump coordinator

Daisy Mehra
Socials coordinator

Sonia Divekar
Talks coordinator

Alexandra Hay
Socials coordinator

Pip Johnson
Socials coordinator

Ivy Esquero
Discounters coordinator

Laura Edge
Talks coordinator

Rachael Yates
Special Events coordinator

Emma Oddie
Baby & Bump East Coast coordinator

Eva Khoo
East Coast Socials coordinator

Tygane Lopes
Botanical Gardens Walk coordinator

Daphne Kemp
East Coast Walks coordinator

Carly Buckland
Socials coordinator

Louise Montefiore
Socials coordinator

Nicole O'Connor
Socials coordinator

Our committee is made up of busy mums living in Singapore.  They run our events and take care of all the background functions such as memberships and finance.  All committee positions are voluntary. 

About the NMSG

For new beginnings, support and lasting friendship, join the New Mothers' Support Group

Who We Are

Set up nearly 20 years ago, we are the original support group for new mums and mums new to Singapore.  We offer a chance to start friendships and build support through regular socials, walks, wellness groups, parties and seasonal events.  We also offer information on all aspects of parenting under 5s through talks and our newsletters, as well as discounts with local retailers - why not join us?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Delivering beautiful cuisine for many years

Based on recent reviews, many people consider Harmony Chinese Takeaway as a great place to order takeaway food if you are in Southbourne. You could expect freshly prepared, and piping hot delicious food with large sized portions.

It is inevitable for the takeaway restaurant to become busy at times and you have to wait a little longer for your food, but don’t worry because it’s all worth it in the end. You won’t have any major problems with their staff because each was accommodating and welcoming.

Several people have been eating at this place for many years now and most of them have no complaints about its food and service. The food was cooked within the right amount of time and was awesomely tasty. Harmony Chinese Takeaway was just like the best-kept secret in the town of Bournemouth.

Harmony Chinese Takeaway can entice people with their traditional Chinese takeaway and reasonably priced good food. Some travelers also admire the takeaway restaurant for its effort in delivering great cuisines. Each visit was never a disappointment for many people.

You will definitely experience a lovely meal with Harmony and you can’t help but visit the place again. Providing quality food requires so much hard work and the staff of the takeaway restaurant never fails to deliver that.

With all of those admirations about the takeaway restaurant, people see Harmony as a very good Chinese takeaway shop. Even if the staff is busy, they make sure to provide a quick service to their customers. Harmony provides great and plentiful food as well as reasonable prices all the time.

Some say you can order in advance or order on site. Old residents of Southbourne have also been ordering in this place for years and they never had a bad experience. Families could always enjoy the food of this lovely takeaway.

Harmony Chinese Takeaway is head and shoulders above the rest of takeaways in their town because it possesses great qualities – from its friendly staff to the generous big portions of their food.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Frank Owens, Ltd Home Building Industry

Frank Owens, Ltd. was founded in 1985 as a retained executive search firm, specializing in providing key personnel to the home building industry. The company's reputation as a pre-eminent search firm has resulted in expansion into the building products sector. Frank Owens, Ltd. is proud to contribute to both of these integrated sectors and looks forward to further growth in the near future.

By forging relationships early in his career, Frank was able to parlay those relationships into very rewarding friendships throughout the careers of many executives within the Home Building Industry. Today, those relationships continue to strengthen and perpetuate. Serving the leaders responsible for managing growth and risk of the homebuilding industry is at the core of Frank's business.

Frank is proud and privileged to continue to serve many of the same clients that started with him 20 years ago, who credit Frank Owens, Ltd. for placing strong, smart and loyal managers that have helped grow their business.

Homebuilding Industry Recruiter, Home Building Permit Trends, Statistical, Cultural Fit


Real Estate

Privately Held

Company Size
Myself Only


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A Beginner’s Quick and Simple Guide to Investing

Do you want to be successful in investing? Then you should know that you have to make smart choices in this field; and it is possible if you know yourself better.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

You should be a person who invests money with little risk to capital in order to become a smart investor. As a beginner in investing, you need to learn how to make wise choices that can result in making wealth. If you’d like to make money from investing and become wealthy, you need to know yourself. This is due to the fact that you’re as good as the choices you make with your money -- it is the truth behind investing.

It’s not difficult to know yourself, financial blog does not require arduous steps in order to do so. For you to make smart choices in investing, you just need to find the answers to some essential questions.

To make smart decisions regarding your money, you must know your financial position and goals, and how much money you can afford to risk investing. The path to becoming successful in investing could be tough and the outcome will always depend on your decisions.

The very first question you need to answer is: “What is your financial position?” Let’s picture a scenario wherein you are a beginner in driving; and you want to drive from your city to another for the first time. It’s only natural to plan everything, right? It’s just similar when it comes to investing; you need to know your financial status before you begin investing in the market. You should be familiar with your assets, liabilities, and how much savings you have since they’re the indicators of your financial health and they can affect your investing plan.

Your net worth is the most important measure of your financial health; it is the difference between your total assets minus your total liabilities. You’ll have clarity about your financial status once you know your net worth. This will serve as your steering wheel as you drive to where you want to be in the future, since you can decide how much you want to be worth in the future. As a beginner in investing, make sure you have a clear answer to this simple yet effective question before you start investing money.

The second question you need to answer is: “What are your financial goals?” Identifying your net worth is just the first step, the next thing you need to do according to XXXX Blog is to make a choice about your future net worth. You can choose whether you want to maintain your current net worth or increase it. You need to set goals to make the best use of your money in order to move ahead in your investing. With this, you can achieve your dream of becoming wealthy. Most people consider a goal as a dream with a deadline. Setting goals can help you become wealthy in investing. There are also some guidelines for success with goal- setting, which include the following: your goals should be specific and measurable and you should be able to track them; your goals should be something you can accomplish and must be realistic; your goals should have a specific deadline. You shouldn’t set goals to become a millionaire in one year when you’re in debt and unemployed.

The last question you need to answer is, “What is your risk tolerance?” Investing money can become an emotional one for a lot of beginners in investing; so you need to know how much risk you can take. You should remember that there’ll be ups and downs in investing because some people only think about the upside of investing and never consider the prospect of losing all their money. A smart investor also looks at the downside risk to investing money. Make sure that you always think carefully, and in case you make the wrong assumptions, you should always have a plan to limit your losses. An entry and exit strategy is necessary before you invest your money to reduce your risk when investing.

If you’re wishing to invest in rental real estate, you should first study the area of a city. Similarly, you shouldn’t put all your money on one stock. You should set up an exit strategy for every stock you invest.

Knowing yourself includes embracing your limits and weaknesses, and refining your strengths. This also applies to investing because if you know your net worth, your goals, and how much risk you can take before you start investing, then you’re capable of becoming a smart investor.

International financial regulation commission hopes for your success in investing. Answering these three questions is not that hard, right? So, be confident and always dream big. We’re encouraging you to do further research and boost your knowledge about investing in order to be fully equipped in entering the battlefield, well, sort of.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Human Capital Alliance Inc, Thailand, Singapore: Are Power Posers Better Leaders?

Human Capital Alliance senior advisor K I Woo looks at leadership.

A recent Stanford University study concluded that publicly-perceived leadership-qualities such as authority, power and emotional intelligence don’t actually correlate with what companies require from their leaders.

Sarah Cliffe’s Harvard Business Review’s article “Leadership Qualities vs. Competence” based on the study said competence and deep knowledge of what needs to be done is a more important success factor.

The paper also looks at when power differences contribute to team success and when they damage it.

Many of today’s leaders use power poses that help them appear to be someone of authority.

The poses often based on extensive research have great value, but they may at the same time lead us to ignore and cast-aside the importance of selecting competent individuals as leaders.

The researchers said a Cornell University study showed that in many cases, the least competent but most overconfident people often ended up in charge.

What does competence mean?

Competence is described by the researchers as deep knowledge of the technical work being done.

With this deep knowledge, competent leaders are more enable to help their teams seek out new ideas and better solutions.

Three team-types studied

In the Stanford study, three different team types were asked to search collaboratively for the best solution to a complex problem.

The first group was led by leaders who knew most about the task. In this case influence was aligned with competence and these groups performed best.

A second group of teams shared power and were relatively non-hierarchical. This group did not perform as well as the first, but they did outperform the third group that included hierarchical teams with randomly chosen leaders.

“We replicated these findings in the field, by the way. We studied 49 teams at a publicly held Dutch company; the teams were auditing finances in search of tax evasion and fraud. If the team leader didn’t have a deep, technical understanding of tax fraud, he or she led the team badly astray.”

Study takeaways

Companies and organizations must pay closer attention to how they we choose leaders.

In particular, they must not be overly influenced by political connections or persuasiveness or the appearance of authority.

“Some of those things can be useful, but competence comes first. It’s essential to use objective measures of performance in hiring and promotion.”

Secondly, we must be careful of formal hierarchy’s dangers.

Important decisions, the researchers said require the best possible information. Leaders must be able to value the expertise of other team members and share power when they’re not best-suited to make a decision.

Thirdly, it’s critically important to know where knowledge in the company currently resides. Many fast-growing companies often lose track and are unable to appropriately address the issue.

“Every couple of months, a team should take stock of what challenges are most pressing, and who has deep knowledge that’s relevant to those challenges.

Consulting companies often face the same leadership dilemma when selecting project leaders.

Cliffe said in many consulting engagements, the person who brought in the client isn’t necessarily the most knowledgeable about the work to be done,

“Leadership roles are better assigned once you understand who knows what, and they may need to shift in the course of the project as new issues arise.”

When do self-managed teams, or “holocracies,” work best?

The researchers indicated that self-managed teams or “holocracies” work best if power can’t be aligned with the right set of competencies.

In those situations, an egalitarian team may be a good idea, they said.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Custom Furniture Review: What are the benefits of furniture restoration?

If you have your own house, you probably want your family and friends to see stylish and quality furniture in it. A collection of different and distinctive furniture could add color and life to your home, so be mindful about the brand, design, and style of each furniture piece because it should match your entire home decoration.

However, there will come a time where your favorite furniture can’t no longer serve its purpose to you since things are not meant to last forever. Are you planning to buy a new one instead? Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden wants you to think about it twice and simply consider restoring the furniture. Furniture restoration often happens when people are running out of budget and can't afford to buy a new one, or they don't want to get rid of the sentimental value their furniture has.

In order to preserve the original look and the functionality of specific furniture, furniture restoration is needed wherein that particular piece will be carefully cleaned and repaired. Other than saving time and money, furniture restoration can also give you other significant benefits such as the following:

Enhanced design and style

Yes, this is possible even without spending a lot of money. Furniture restoration can give an improved design and style to your furniture. This way, you can also preserve its value and give a new life to your furniture.


Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden finds out that it takes a thousand times more carbon dioxide to create a new furniture piece than restoring one. In order to minimize the effect of carbon on the environment, most people choose furniture restoration and refinishing. If you want to make a contribution to save the environment, then make an eco-friendly decision all the time.

Restored functionality

Being able to use particular furniture once again is considered the greatest benefit furniture restoration can give to you. Some furniture these days are not made with the same high-quality wood as before, thus, Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden recommends that you should restore your old furniture than buy a new one. The organization is confident to say that your newly restored furniture will last for another 10 years.

The benefits of furniture restoration mentioned above are simply the basics. Be updated on Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden posts to see other in-depth posts related to antique furniture and restoration process. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden can do an excellent job to your furniture without damaging it using their distinctive equipment, tools, and techniques. Check out good reviews of him to furniture fraud restorers

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hill & Associates Security Risk Management Corporate Intelligence, Fraud Prevention & Integrity Risk Management

Doing business globally means exposure to risk. Landing in Asia should not feel like stepping into a threatening landscape. Our Asia-based team knows the territory, the players and the pitfalls. We guide clients around the challenges and insulate them from the unforeseen. Your business will never miss a beat.

We work with complete confidentiality in world’s most difficult and opaque markets. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SERVICES


We are positioned across Asia to act decisively to crises and maintain the continuity of your business. SEE WERE WE HERE


Law enforcement, military, cyber security, accounting, corporate law, and everything in between are represented. MEET OUR TEAM

Contact Us

+852 2802 2123

Room 1701-08, Tower 2, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Hill & Associates Ltd Hong Kong Security Risk Management: WHO WE ARE

Our strength is the breadth of our Asia-based team and depth of local knowledge. Our staff of more than 150 includes experts from around the world in fields ranging from law, accounting and banking to military, intelligence and computer forensics. All adhere to strict ethical and internal codes of conduct. Discretion, effectiveness and professionalism make our team – individually and as a unit – your trusted adviser.

Meet some of our team members.

Neil Marshall
Managing Director

Neil has more than 30 years of experience in security and business risk consulting across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He helps corporate clients manage internal fraud matters, labour and commercial relationships, and crisis and contingency management issues, working with stakeholders and senior management to create solutions that are logical, ethical and economically sound. Clients include top-tier Fortune 500 organisations during times of exponential growth into new markets and operations.

Mike Groves
Security Risk Management

Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Mike completed a 28-year career in the Hong Kong Police Force, rising to directorate rank. During his service, Mike commanded the VIP Protection and Tactical Units, and oversaw operations at events including the Handover of Hong Kong in 1997 and meetings of the World Bank, IMF and WTO. Mike works with clients to pre-empt and address issues that impinge on business operations and reputation risk.

John Bruce
Corporate Intelligence

John Bruce runs our Corporate Intelligence service line, which encompasses business intelligence and integrity and background checks. In addition to this, he has specific responsibility for gaming related due diligence, having become involved in the gaming industry due to the burgeoning expansion in worldwide gaming that took place alongside the expansion of the worldwide web. He has considerable experience in providing independent consulting services to companies in the gaming industry on the nature of the industry in Asia.

Adelene Wee
Fraud Prevention & Integrity Risk

Adelene has worked throughout Asia and has extensive experience in the practicalities of doing business – both local and cross-border. She is responsible for managing and conducting client engagements focused on the areas of fraud, bribery and corruption, ethics, corporate governance and integrity and compliance matters. Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Adelene worked in tax and legal services in a Big Four firm and in corporate and commercial law at several international firms.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bacall Associates tips for making travel more affordable

Some companies understand this need of every individual, that's why they're giving their employees free trips to help them rest for a while to help them work more efficiently once they return. However, not all companies are like this because they want their employees to work more for them but pay them less. That aside, Bacall Associates guarantee that traveling can be really inexpensive, and fun and rejuvenating at the same time.

Do you love to travel so much but you don't have enough time and money to do it? Worry no more because Bacall Associates will share some money-saving tips that can help you travel to the place you want. You can trust the organization’s judgment because it is a renowned boutique PR, marketing and sales support agency that specializes in travel at the top end of the market. After reading this article, you will never excuse yourself from traveling anymore.

If you’re a young traveler, it’s often a good idea to stay in youth hostels to save money. Don’t let yourself drown into the wrong ideas or myths about youth hostels because this kind of place allow young souls to see the world without spending too much money since they're inexpensive to stay in. You'll also get a chance to meet new people who are doing the same as you. But since you're staying in a youth hostel, you should practice extra caution because of safety reasons.

If you can handle your trip well in advance, then it's a good thing because this will give you the best pricing especially if you're going to travel during holidays. Bacall Associates always recommends booking in advance to make sure that you can get the best discounts where you can save up to 80%.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

People prefer to shop online and in heartland malls

Why battle ridiculously heavy traffic and crowded trains and elbow your way past hordes of annoying people who can’t stop blocking the escalators when you can buy the exact same things on the internet or in heartland malls?

Once upon a time, shopping in heartland malls meant wearing This Fashion clothes or being limited to the book selection at Popular.

Nowadays, new heartland malls are much more happening. There are stores like Kate Spade Saturday, Calvin Klein Jeans and Armani Exchange at Westgate, while Nex at Serangoon has a rooftop garden with, get this, a dog park, which we have to admit is freaking cool.

Even if you live in Bukit Batok or Yishun, where the neighbourhood malls still suck, you can just buy stuff online. Online shopping is often cheaper than buying stuff in malls since you don’t need to subsidise the high cost of rent, plus you can buy from retailers without Singapore outlets like Target.

You know what’s better than Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road? Not having to deal with not just cars but also other people.

Yvette, a 38-year-old lawyer, concurs. “I buy a large fraction of my things online now, from vitamin supplements to books for my kids. It’s so much more convenient as I don’t need to waste my time travelling to shopping malls. I can even get the merchants to deliver my purchases to my office.”

Don’t even get us started about the increase in parking fares. You’d be hardpressed to find a mall in the main Orchard Road area with a per-entry fee after 6pm. Instead, they’ve been replaced with time-based per entry rates. Thankfully there are still some safe havens for relatively affordable parking, which we’ve compiled here.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dr Howard Marans: Best Orthopedic Doctor For Athletes and Sports Injuries

Maintaining an active lifestyle as a student-athlete, minor league player, professional player, or just training to stay fit is a priority to millions of people. When an injury causes a person to halt the training or participation in the sport, the desire to return becomes a feeling of urgency. Athletic and sports injuries may occur due to a variety of circumstances including the type of training or sport of choice.

Orthopedic Doctor for Athletes

A specialized orthopedic doctor for athletes will work closely with the injured person in an individualized manner to achieve an optimal outcome.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine works on different levels by helping a person:

·         Achieve peak performance
·         Recover from all types of injuries
·         Prevent future injuries through training and education.

Seeking an orthopedic doctor for athletes is essential. The orthopedic specialist understands a person’s dedication for a chosen sport or fitness activity. With the extra training and credentials, the orthopedic doctor for athletes will design the best treatment program for an injured person to allow for the fastest recovery.

Seeking Out Help

Finding the best orthopedic doctor for athletes and sports injuries will depend on a variety of contributing factors. Start by making a list of the orthopedic specialists within a specific geographic location. Ask friends, coworkers, family members, and others to make a referral. Or, use the Internet to check out online reviews. Find out the orthopedic doctor for athletes area of expertise.

Fractures, severe sprains, and overextension are common injuries for athletes. Other injuries require specialities of orthopedic practice.

·         Shoulder: arthroscopy, rotator cuff, impingement
·         Knee: ACL, MCL, PCL injuries and torn cartilage
·         Hip: cartilage injury, tears, bursitis, tendon tears
·         Elbow: MCL injuries, impingement,
·         Ankle and foot: tendon repairs

Accurate Diagnosis

Treating the various orthopedic problems and injuries for athletes begin with an accurate diagnosis. The best orthopedic doctor for athletes will begin with a complete medical history. Before the initial consultation, a patient may want to write down information to help with the process. The smallest detail of past injuries may help identify an overtraining technique or other source contributing the present problem.

Along with the complete medical history, a physical examination and testing will be done. The testing may be done with x-rays, MRIs, or other imaging techniques. After all the medical information is gathered, the orthopedic specialist will design a treatment program to best fit the athlete’s needs to return to an active lifestyle.

Treatment Approaches

Each athlete will have a different treatment approach due to the individualized nature of the injury. When the injury is less severe, non-invasive methods are implemented.

·         Rest
·         Physical therapy to strengthen muscles and restore function
·         Over the counter, prescription, and injections to help ease the pain and reduce inflammation to promote the healing process.
·         Change in fitness routine to help in the prevention of future issues
·         Bracing, or splints to support the injured area, during the healing process

When the non-invasive methods do not yield the desired results or the injury is too severe, an orthopedic doctor for athletes will recommend Arthoscopic Surgery to repair the damage.

Best Orthopedic Doctor for Sports Injuries

Understanding the unique needs of athletes, Dr. Howard Marans will work with each patient to find the best treatment approach involving the shortest amount of recovery time possible. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Howard Marans MD: Are All Knee Surgeries Covered by Insurance

In some cases, the best way to treat a knee injury is with surgery. Many patients are anxious about surgery, not least because of the potential cost. Fortunately, it is possible to get knee surgeries covered by insurance in most cases, which helps keep patients’ costs down; in addition, getting necessary treatment now can go a long way towards minimizing future medical bills. Below, we will explore some basics about knee surgery in general and knee surgeries covered by insurance in particular.

When Knee Surgery is Necessary

In the majority of knee problems, knee surgery is not necessary. Physical therapy, medication, and other non-invasive methods can often resolve knee injuries without the need for invasive procedures. If non-surgical methods are ineffective or if the damage to the knee is extensive, then surgery may be necessary.

How Knee Surgery Works

Most knee surgeries can now be performed using arthroscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgery in which only small incisions are made, and cameras are used to view the inside of the joint. Arthroscopic surgery is associated with shorter recovery times, a lower risk of side effects, and lower costs. In some cases, such as knee replacement surgery, it is still necessary to perform traditional open joint surgery.

Knee Surgeries Covered by Insurance

Regardless of the nature of the knee surgery, it should be possible to get knee surgeries covered by insurance. Your doctor will only recommend knee surgery if it is medically necessary, and health insurance covers medically necessary procedures. Thanks to the changes brought by the Affordable Care Act, even knee problems that existed before you were insured should be covered.

This means that the biggest factor that influences how much you pay out of pocket is your insurance policy. If you have a high deductible and copay, you may pay a large portion of the cost of surgery out of pocket, while patients with lower deductibles but higher premiums may pay very little. If you are not sure about how your insurance covers the procedure you need, you should contact your insurance provider for more information.

Financing Options

In cases where the patient’s out of pocket costs are still relatively high after insurance is applied, financing options are available to help spread the cost of treatment over a longer period of time. Your financing options include patient financing companies, health care or traditional credit cards, and loans or lines of credit. Your own preferences and your financial situation will determine which type of financing is right for you.

Dr. Howard Marans would be happy to meet with you about your knee health. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call OC Orthopedic at (714) 979-8981.