Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tokyo MK Taxi Review in Choosing the Best Chauffeured Service

Chauffeured car services come in handy on times that we need to get somewhere and do not want to drive. Individuals looking for a pleasant traveling experience can also hire the chauffeured cars to their preferred events and destinations. Find the best-chauffeured service provider to enjoy a memorable travel experience. Here are a few things that matter to get the best among the rest:

The offered services

A good chauffeur service company should be flexible with regards to the kind of chauffeured services it offers. They should offer their services for corporate travels and airport transfers as well as be able to enjoy travel with elegance and style to special events like proms, reunion, wedding and birthdays. They should meet professional standards by delivering exceptional service like no other and should also be capable of what it takes to plan and execute each service appropriately.

High-class vehicle fleet

One thing to consider is the cars. The line of chauffeured cars a company has can tell a lot about the level of services it can offer. As a client, you have the ability to choose the vehicle you love most for your travel experience. With more than one model and brand to choose from, Tokyo MK can provide a smooth ride to their clients using luxurious cars that will enable them to arrive at their destination with style and sophistication. MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts car limo options like LS600hL and Lexus LS460. Other types of luxurious car offered by the company are: Mercedes-Benz S500L, Toyota Alphard, Toyota Crown Royal Saloon, Nissan Fuga Hybrid, Toyota Hiace and BMW ActiveHybrid 7 L.

The chauffeurs

Chauffeurs are more than just drivers. They are assets of a company as they are responsible for ensuring that a client has the most positive travel experience. Therefore, choose a company with highly trained professional chauffeurs with effective communication skills and can give an outstanding customer service. This means, a chauffeur should treat their passenger with the utmost respect, courtesy, anticipates passenger’s needs and should have an understanding when to engage in a conversation with the passenger and when to refrain from talking. A great chauffeur should also be well-knowledgeable on the local roads and routes to get you to your destination safely and quickly as well as offering points of interest if there is something a passenger wants to know about.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tips on Jakarta Warnings or Dangers – Stay Safe!

Jakarta Warnings and Dangers

As one of the largest cities in the world, Jakarta has its own series of potential dangers you need to know about before making your way to the capital city of Indonesia.

Avoid Traveler’s Checks

Back in the day, one of the best ways to travel to a country was with the American Express Traveler’s Checks. That no longer is the case. Attempting to cash these traveler’s checks is often problematic. Only major bank locations will accept these checks, so smaller branches will likely not take them (because there has been a problem with counterfeiting so banks no longer accept them). If you do have these checks, you’ll be better off trying to cash them inside of the airport. Some travel agents may take the checks and a few other locations can accept these, but you’ll probably be charged a big fee. Instead, just use your debit or credit card.

Taxi Drivers

There are all sorts of taxi scams and problems you’ll encounter. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to avoid a few of these. However, if you are mindful of what is going on, you can greatly reduce your chance of such a problem.

For starters, never take a taxi that doesn’t use a meter. If someone tries to quote you a price you need to avoid it. They will quote you a price far above what it should cost. Even if you negotiate him down, you’ll still overpay.

Other problems includes taxi drivers rigging the meters so you pay more. This isn’t as common but it still happens. To avoid this you’ll want to hail a taxi that looks reliable. If it looks like a fake cab (it just doesn’t match the rest) than avoid it. Most of the major taxi companies are regulated so if you get in authentic looking cabs you should be alright. If you have your hotel hail a cab that will work as well.

Always Have Your ID

Now, as a tourist you’ll likely always have your ID with you anyway, but this is just an extra reminder. There are often roadblocks around town for various reasons and IDs may be checked. Make sure to have your passport. You can have your driver’s license and this may work, or you may run into a police officer who wants something more. Also, make sure you have a photocopy of your passport kept somewhere in your luggage. This way, should something happen to your passport you can go to your national embassy in Jakarta and have a replacement expedited. Emergency passports are available and work for 24 hours if you are flying out within this time. If not, the expedited passport should only take a few days.

Careful Crossing

In such a huge city, traffic is crazy. Even if you have a crosswalk in your favor, watch out and pay attention. It isn’t unheard of for a pedestrian to be hit and injured because a driver wasn’t paying attention.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Galveston Island Living Capital Tourism and Marketing Review

Imagine yourself as an Islander living in an elegant Victorian home on a shady, oak-lined street on the Island’s east end, or in a home overlooking the sparkling Gulf of Mexico on the west end. There is a variety of rental property to choose from throughout the Island; from Galveston has the amenities of a larger city, but with tight-knit small town friendliness.

Its ethnically diverse citizens have worked together to make their city better since the early days of its founding in 1836. When faced with adversity, Galvestonians unite to solve whatever obstacles may arise. Non-profit organizations and community groups offer a variety of volunteer opportunities regardless of your interests or desired area of service.

The Island has a multifaceted economic base with expanding job markets in tourism, the medical field, marine-related fields, as well as other areas. Education, banking, insurance and marine industries also are job fields that contribute to the strong, diverse economy. Island life is enhanced by the absence of drive-time traffic reports on the radio and heavy traffic delays. The major thoroughfares are rarely heavily congested, even during peak times. And it takes no more than 15-20 minutes to get anywhere you want to go on the Island.

All this time saved driving to work and running errands can be spent enjoying Island life.

When the work day is over, pack a picnic dinner and some easy chairs and head to the beach. Temperatures are moderate, so outdoor activities are enjoyable year-round. Relax and enjoy watching the waves roll in at sunset as sandpipers scurry along the edge of the gulf water.

Black History Alive and Well in Galveston
On the outside walls of the African American Museum at 3427 Sealy St. are portraits of some prominent black Galvestonians, painted by artist E. Herron.

The Debate Is Over: The Margarita Was Invented In Galveston
A lot of sources debate our claim that Santos Cruz invented the margarita at the Balinese Room for singer Peggy Lee.

#LoveGalveston Photo Contest - A Chance to Win Cash, and Be the Face of Galveston
There’s nothing like spending “island time” with your family, taking in the Galveston coast while making memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. While your memories may be priceless, capturing them in a photograph could lead to some extra bonuses.

UTMB Scientists Uncover How Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly
A multidisciplinary team from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has uncovered the mechanisms that the Zika virus uses to alter brain development. These findings are detailed in Stem Cell Reports.

Emerging Adults May Be Mixing Drug, Alcohol, Firearms, Study Finds
While drugs, alcohol and firearms do not mix well, new research finds that among some young adults the three may often go together.

UTMB Researchers Discover Reason for Permanent Vision Loss after Head Injury
Research from The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston has shed new light on what causes the permanent vision loss sometimes seen in the wake of a head injury.

10 Reasons You Should Get On "Island Time" in Galveston
The advent of spring in the Lone Star State heralds the arrival of warm weather, vibrant blue skies and blooming bluebonnets.

Exploring Galveston's Past through Museums, Attractions and Historic Buildings
When visiting the beach or relaxing at one of Galveston’s renowned resort hotels, the island’s historic past might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

The Port of Galveston Continues to Make History on Galveston Island
The next time you pass by the bustling docks and wharfs of the Port of Galveston, take a moment to let the history and impact of the facility sink in.

First of 1 Million Cubic Yards of Sand Has Been Pumped Onto the Beach

The first of 1 million cubic yards of sand has been pumped onto the beach in a $19 million project to replenish over 3.5 miles of beach along Galveston's seawall. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tokyo Online Security: Privacy fears as banks track mobile phones

Banks will track customers' movements via their mobile phones in a bid to tackle fraud. Barclays is introducing a system which allows it to check whether someone is in the same country as their debit or credit card so they know whether the payment is fraudulent or not. For example, if a suspicious transaction was made in the America, but data showed the customer's phone it was in the UK, the bank would realize something was amiss.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

CRIB Board of Advisors

About CRIB

CRIB Pte Ltd
is a Singapore-based social enterprise which aims to empower women to become successful entrepreneurs through networking, matchmaking and business incubation. As a social impact business, we endeavor to reinvest all returns towards CRIB operations, with a portion of finances channeled towards complementary social causes that benefit women entrepreneurs.

CRIB advisor - GraceMinister Grace Fu

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth
Ms Grace Fu graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and later obtained a Masters of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. She began her career in 1985 with the Overseas Union Bank and later with the Haw Par Group in the areas of corporate planning, financial controls and business development.

Ms Fu joined the PSA Corporation in 1995 and took on different responsibilities in finance and marketing. She held the position of Chief Executive Officer, PSA South EastAsia and Japan, where she was responsible for the business performance of PSA’s flagship terminals in Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Japan, before she joined politics.

Ms Grace Fu graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) and later obtained a Masters of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. She began her career in 1985 with the Overseas Union Bank and later with the Haw Par Group in the areas of corporate planning, financial controls and business development.

CRIB entrepreneur - ElimMs Elim Chew, PBM

Founder & President,
77th Street (S) Pte Ltd
Kingdom Investment Consultant

Ms Elim Chew is the Founder and President of 77th Street, the leading youth and young adults streetwear fashion and accessories retailer in Singapore and Beijing. She also sits on over 20 boards and committees of public service, youth and community organizations such as *SCAPE, School of The Arts, and Action Community for Entrepreneurship.

Ms Chew is humbled to be recognized with awards such as the Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur in 2001, Montblanc Businesswoman of the Year 2002, Young Woman Achiever 2003, Singapore Promising Brand Award 2004, Forbes Asia Hero of Philanthropy, Responsible Leadership Award and Community Engagement Award in 2010, Outstanding Young Singaporean Award – Commendation, and the Singapore Public Service Medal (PBM) in 2011.

CRIB advisor - ClaireMs Claire Chiang, BBM

Senior Vice President,
Banyan Tree Holdings Limited

Ms Claire Chiang co-founded the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts and pioneered the group’s retail business in 1996, which has since grown to over 60 outlets worldwide. She currently serves as the Chairperson for China Business Development, Advisor on Human Capital Development, and the Chairperson of Banyan Tree Global Foundation, the sustainability arm of Banyan Tree Holdings.

Ms Chiang jointly received the 2009 Hospitality Lifetime Achievement Award at the China Hotel Investment Summit, honouring a lifetime of extraordinary leadership, accomplishments and contributions to the hospitality industry.

CRIB advisor - JennyMs Jennie Chua, PJG

Ms Jenny Chua is a Board Director of GuocoLand Limited, GuocoLeisure Limited and Far East Orchard Limited, as well as ISS A/S, a company listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen. She is the Chairman of Alexandra Health System and Singapore Film Commission, the Deputy Chairman of Temasek Foundation, Member of CapitaLand Hope Foundation Board and Singapore’s Pro-Enterprise Panel. She is also a Board Director of Ministry of Health Holdings and sits on MOH Holdings Healthcare Infrastructure and Planning Committee.

Ms Chua is a Justice of the Peace and Singapore’s Non-Resident Ambassador to The United Mexican States. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and has been closely associated with the hospitality, tourism and property industry for over three decades, serving as Director of the Singapore Convention Bureau, General Manager and Chairman of Raffles Hotel and Raffles International, President and CEO of Raffles Holdings and The Ascott Group, and COO of CapitaLand Limited. She also previously chaired Community Chest, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (the first and only woman to-date in its 177 years history), Sentosa Cove, and The Arts House.

CRIB advisor - LauraMs Laura Hwang, PBM

Ms Laura Hwang is the first Singaporean and woman to head an international financial company in Singapore, making her a role model for many younger women to enter the industry.  She has been recognised for her leadership in both the financial and community service sectors for her strong strategic, business and leadership abilities. Her 17-year banking career involved responsibilities such as Corporate Banking, Foreign Exchange, Asset Management and Private Banking in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. She was appointed to the boards of the Bank’s financial arms in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Ms Hwang was the President of the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations from 2010-2014, leading the Co-ordinating Council for 57 organisations with a combined outreach of over 700,000. She is also co-chair of BoardAgender and served as the Director of the ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organisations till July 2014.

CRIB advisor - LilyDr Lily Neo, MBBChBAO

Member of Parliament,
Tanjong Pagar GRC

Dr Lily Neo, a medical practitioner, was first elected in 1997 as Member of Parliament for Kreta Ayer-Tanglin GRC and has been re-elected in the next three General Elections for Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar GRCs. She has served as Chairman of GPCs as well as Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar Town Councils.

Dr Neo, always mindful of the needs of her residents, reaches out and assists them through her regular house-visits and weekly “meet-the-people” sessions. She shows concern for the women, children, elderly and needy and has spoken out in Parliament on matters of government that affect their well-being. Of the many topics that included Adjournment and Private Member’s Motions she raised in Parliament, the most significant are those that pertain to concerns of women, welfare of the young and elderly, plight of the needy and the direction for our education and healthcare systems.

Dr Neo is a medical doctor who graduated from Dublin, Ireland. She still runs her own medical clinics. She is married to a doctor and they have a daughter and a son. Both her children are doctors with the Ministry of Health Holdings.

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Mothers Support Group Singapore: Meet Our Committee

Sasha Harrison

Vanessa Contumelias

Ashley Ragno
Membership Secretary

Kirsten Farrelly

Kiran Bawalli
Social Media Coordinator

Amy Fender
Website & Communications

Hannah Masford
Newsletter Editor

Sophie March
Socials coordinator

Khalisah Ward
Baby & Bump coordinator

Daisy Mehra
Socials coordinator

Sonia Divekar
Talks coordinator

Alexandra Hay
Socials coordinator

Pip Johnson
Socials coordinator

Ivy Esquero
Discounters coordinator

Laura Edge
Talks coordinator

Rachael Yates
Special Events coordinator

Emma Oddie
Baby & Bump East Coast coordinator

Eva Khoo
East Coast Socials coordinator

Tygane Lopes
Botanical Gardens Walk coordinator

Daphne Kemp
East Coast Walks coordinator

Carly Buckland
Socials coordinator

Louise Montefiore
Socials coordinator

Nicole O'Connor
Socials coordinator

Our committee is made up of busy mums living in Singapore.  They run our events and take care of all the background functions such as memberships and finance.  All committee positions are voluntary. 

About the NMSG

For new beginnings, support and lasting friendship, join the New Mothers' Support Group

Who We Are

Set up nearly 20 years ago, we are the original support group for new mums and mums new to Singapore.  We offer a chance to start friendships and build support through regular socials, walks, wellness groups, parties and seasonal events.  We also offer information on all aspects of parenting under 5s through talks and our newsletters, as well as discounts with local retailers - why not join us?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: Delivering beautiful cuisine for many years

Based on recent reviews, many people consider Harmony Chinese Takeaway as a great place to order takeaway food if you are in Southbourne. You could expect freshly prepared, and piping hot delicious food with large sized portions.

It is inevitable for the takeaway restaurant to become busy at times and you have to wait a little longer for your food, but don’t worry because it’s all worth it in the end. You won’t have any major problems with their staff because each was accommodating and welcoming.

Several people have been eating at this place for many years now and most of them have no complaints about its food and service. The food was cooked within the right amount of time and was awesomely tasty. Harmony Chinese Takeaway was just like the best-kept secret in the town of Bournemouth.

Harmony Chinese Takeaway can entice people with their traditional Chinese takeaway and reasonably priced good food. Some travelers also admire the takeaway restaurant for its effort in delivering great cuisines. Each visit was never a disappointment for many people.

You will definitely experience a lovely meal with Harmony and you can’t help but visit the place again. Providing quality food requires so much hard work and the staff of the takeaway restaurant never fails to deliver that.

With all of those admirations about the takeaway restaurant, people see Harmony as a very good Chinese takeaway shop. Even if the staff is busy, they make sure to provide a quick service to their customers. Harmony provides great and plentiful food as well as reasonable prices all the time.

Some say you can order in advance or order on site. Old residents of Southbourne have also been ordering in this place for years and they never had a bad experience. Families could always enjoy the food of this lovely takeaway.

Harmony Chinese Takeaway is head and shoulders above the rest of takeaways in their town because it possesses great qualities – from its friendly staff to the generous big portions of their food.